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Gold Crown is moving forward with the support of car owners, manufacturers and constructors, as well as race track owners and operators. There is also interest from potential new car owners.

The plan introduces new ideas that will bring race fans something fresh. It also embraces the growing interest in Historic Racing and thereby appeals to the very important �Baby Boomer Generation.�

The Gold Crown Championship will establish a connection between these Historic Racing audiences while developing a new fan base consisting of fans wanting to attend an event rather than just watching a race. There will be new benefits for those who own Gold Crown Cars, such as an Owner's Club and the Owner's Advisement Group. There will also be programs to bring those who currently own and drive Historic Race Cars into partnerships with Gold Crown Teams.

The Gold Crown Championship is intended to bridge the gap between the fan base that supports local drivers' week-after-week and the national series' that exist throughout North America (IndyCar, NASCAR, Grand Am, ALMS). Acknowledging that racing is part of the entertainment business is an important step. By racing at venues that support this mission, fans will be provided with an event that is designed to entertain.

Possibly the most exciting aspect of this new series is the service it provides for the young American Race Driver. Current IndyCar team Owners are hesitant to hire our traditional oval racers because they have no road course experience. Gold Crown will prove that these traditional American racers are as at home on a road course as they are on ovals.
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