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The "New Generation Silver Crown" car, predecessor to the "Gold Crown Championship" car, has already been created and is running on the website. iRacing has produced a leading-edge driver development software that operates within their professionally sanctioned global competition network. Tracks and cars are modeled to an extremely high level of accuracy. Therefore race fans, drivers, and sponsors can race the New Generation Silver Crown car before the Gold Crown Championship is launched.

Excerpt from iRacing:

The actual "New Generation Silver Crown" car will be developed
into the "Gold Crown Championship" Car
"So, if it's an oval-track driving challenge you're looking for, this car will provide that and more. With 819 methanol-fueled horsepower at the rear wheels of a car that weighs 1,850 pounds, excess acceleration is always available - the best advice is "don't be greedy." A driver who can wheel this car around quickly and not put it in the fence is skilled indeed."

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